Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Something To You!

Another post beginning with an apology....! I cannot seem to get it together to write posts lately. Lots of stuff happening to share but I just never get around to writing it all down. I think that may be one of my things to do in 2010....more posts.

The image here is from the cover of the 1958 edition of the Cookie Book, which has been put out for the last 80 years or so by Wisconsin Electric Power Company--now called WEnergies. My mom had this one I remember. I got a .pdf copy of this year's edition.

I did make a few batches of Christmas cookies, not as much as years past and in fact, I had one cookie failure. I was trying to make soft, cake-like molasses cookies and followed the suggested substitutions and ended up with a big mess. I made Ribbon Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, Sugar Cut-Outs and Apricot Rugelach.

Tomorrow I'm traveling to Austin to have Christmas with my Dad, sister and niece. If all goes well, I may get to see Brave Combo while I'm there.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and warm Christmas...or like the boys from Devo say: Merry Something To You!
Here's a little something to get you in a festive mood!