Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

I was originally going to start my blog with this statement and follow with some glib comments on how I was really going to have to start living now that I would be needing something to examine as blog fodder.
Being more conscientious than scholarly, (my incomplete education is definitely a subject for future exploration) I wanted to find where this quote came from. I've heard it all my life. If I needed to make a guess, I would have been inclined to say some dead white guy from Great Britain. Wrong!
I found out that it was none other than Socrates. (I was right on the dead white guy part, but missed on Greece. Dang). He had been found guilty of heresy and sedition and had been given the opportunity to sort of plead his case a little and maybe NOT get the death penalty. In the end, he chooses death over having to keep quiet on the things he believed strongly about and used those words to explain his decision.

WooHoo! Heresy AND sedition! How totally appropriate for my blog. Free thinker! Champion of Truth! I love it! Thanks Socrates! (And you KNOW I'm saying his name like in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, right?).

I wish I had it in me to write about such lofty topics. I'll leave that to the guys over at TheOnion. Nah, my lil' blog is going to mostly be about food, music, home improvements and the general weird things that happen in the course of daily life. Oh, and probably a little...well, maybe a lot of angst-y, conflicted musings on Milwaukee, Wisconsin, my erstwhile home. However, if heresy and sedition need to be discussed, you'll hear it here first. Just no hemlock chaser for me, thank you.

Welcome to my little place in the ether. I hope you like it and come back to visit often.

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