Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bonne Fete Nationale du Quebec!

My heritage is French Canadian. On my dad's side, our ancestor, Pierre, came to the New World from France in 1666. He was a French soldier and had been awarded land in New France as payment for his services. He settled in the province of Quebec in the town of Sorel, which is situated on the Saint Lawrence River about midway between Quebec City and Montreal.

Saint Jean-Baptiste is a patron saint of Quebec and is honored on June 24. Originally, a pagan celebration, over the years it went from being a religious feast day to a Francophone event and then took on political overtones in the 1960's and 1970's. Now, it seems to have become more of a celebration of the French Canada's ethnic identity.
Saint Jean-Baptiste Day
Quebec Events

As for me, I just hang a Quebec flag and thats about it. A group of ex-pat Quebecquois in Los Angeles are having a party today featuring a band from Quebec named Les Favoris. They have a hilarious video. My French is pretty non-existent, but I *think* this is a love song!

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