Monday, November 3, 2008

Fartwood Manor Halloween Photos

My Mac-O-Lantern, the last pumpkin to be carved, so it is relatively mold free and stable.

We had two great nights at the Fifth Annual Fartwood Manor "Legend of Real Spooky Place". Thursday night was preview night. We run the lights, sound and foggers, just to make sure everything is go. This also allows people who have something going on the 31st a chance to check it out. Various neighbors and friends stopped by...even the previous (once removed) owners of Fartwood Manor.
Friday night was great..a constant stream of kids and fun costumes. A lot of princesses this year. The estimate was over 300 kids. But we still have some candy left. A couple kids told Dale they were too scared to come in last year, but were proud to muster up the courage to enter this year.
Dale put up a nice photo page, so go and check it out!

The tree, while impressive, needs a little re-tooling to make it more stable.