Monday, August 6, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?

What a suprise! I was vegetating earlier...flipping thru the channels (these 11 hr/6 day weeks are getting old)...and what to my wondering eyes should appear.........a Packer game! OK OK, it is technically a "scrimmage", but what the hay...its got Packers, don't it?!!?

You gotta love it though.....50,000+ (sell out) attendees for a frikkin scrimmage! Football....good.

I got the bill for the DirectTV Sunday cost per game is really getting high this season. I think there might be four broadcast TV/ESPN games plus I will be in Wisconsin for two additional games (not AT the game, just in the motherland). Oh well, its better than sitting in the bar at 9am Sunday morning!

Oh yeah, and Brett threw an interception.

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