Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oh My God! It's Raining!

What a pleasant surprise!

It has been a little humid and overcast the last day or two--the after effects of Hurricane Dean that passed across the mid-section of Mexico last week. I heard there might be storms in the mountains. The desert in SanBernardino and places like that do get summer monsoon weather this time of year.

I was outside trying to rescue my succulent garden, Dale was surveying the yard as he begins planning this year's haunt (more on that tomorrow!) We both were joking that the skies were looking rather ominous....."grab the radio and get in the basement, Ma" sort of jokes.

First, a few low rumbles of thunder, then about a half hour of a drizzly rain. We moved to the patio to enjoy the experience...Dale got his laptop and I got my latest New Yorker (i am soooooo far behind on that it isn't funny). Even HellCat was enjoying himself.

Last year about this time, we were having lunch at a local restaurant that has a somewhat "open air patio" with a louvered roof. It had been overcast and humid when we entered...but about 15 minutes after we sat down, huge booms of thunder and then the skies just opened up! It was like a good ol' Wisconsin thunderstorm. People were just scrambling and freaking out, the waitstaff was trying to get the louvers was pretty hilarious. And we are like.....COOL!

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