Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday In-N-Out Burger!

Today is the 60th Anniversary of the Southern California icon--In-N-Out Burgers. What started as a Mom and Pop drive-in way back in 1948 is now a multi-state burger empire. A no-frills menu made with quality ingredients is the secret to their success.
I was a late-comer to In-N-Out...I don't think I had one until 1990 or so. The stores were mostly in the San Gabriel Valley or Inland Empire, so it would be something that we would have on the way back from skiing. Torrance finally got one in the mid 90's.
All sorts of weird lore surrounds In-N-Out. Most recently was a big rumor that today they would roll back to 1948 prices....not so! There are Bible chapter numbers on the bottom of the cups and fry baskets. A secret menu. Fellow blogger Wandering Chopsticks wrote a great post "In-N-Out Burger and the Hidden Menu" with tons of yummy photos--check it out.
My favorite weird thing about In-N-Out was the wacky tradition of altering their bumperstickers--- the text was laid out as you see on the sign below. The thing was to cover up the B and R in burger, so the sticker would read "In-N-Out Urge". Come on, that's pretty funny!


Miss Healthypants said...

I LOVE In-N-Out burger!!!! :)

And I've always been impressed/freaked out by the extreme friendliness of their employees--at least at the one in Encinadas, CA. Have you found that to be true at the other locations, as well? :)

Denis Faye said...

Back in my meat eating days, I once ordered a 6x6.

I should have gone commando and ordered it animal style.

MaryRuth said...

MHP--This freaky friendliness is probably due to a few things. It is still a family-owned company and they pay really well--I think over $9/hr--which is pretty good for slinging burgers. So they can be selective on who they hire. Another reason could be that since the company is overtly Christian (judging from the Bible chapters on cups, etc)--they draw from this pool of squeeky clean kids. Just my theory =)

Denis--somehow this does not surprise me, from someone who also engaged in diaper-clad drinking contests. =) I've never had anything off the secret menu yet, the regular stuff is just fine by me.