Monday, April 13, 2009

B-17 in Torrance

This weekend Torrance Airport hosted the B-17 Flying Fortress tour. This restored aircraft travels the US during the spring and summer, offering tours and for those with the big opportunity to actually fly in it.
Since we'd taken the on-board tour two years ago, we just went for a quick look-see on Saturday. It is pretty awesome to see it take off and land.
This aircraft is nicknamed "Aluminum Overcast" and Dale gave this tour guide the nickname "Abdominal Overcast".
I spotted Torrance's favorite son, Louis Zamperini, at the show. The Torrance airport is named in his honor. Louis is a former Olympian and WWII POW.


Miss Healthypants said...

Abdominal Overcast! *tee hee*

MaryRuth said...

I shouldn't make was a pretty tight fit for me to make it through the hatch to board the aircraft.

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I shouldn't make was a pretty tight fit for me to make it through the hatch to board the aircraft.

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