Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Once the cats and squirrels had their morning nosh, I could go into the backyard and get this pic of the eggs we colored yesterday.
I don't have any special dinner planned for the day--we're sort of busy in "vacation preparation mode" due to our upcoming trip to Austin on Wednesday. You researching all the kolache and BBQ places we are going to try, getting the iPods set up with tunes and movies and finding all the local radio frequencies (just in case we need to monitor any wild weather). Yeehaw!


Jeanna said...

They were noshing on your eggs? I hate squirrels, but love Easter.
Happy Easter to you and happy trails. Texas is a great place to travel. Watch out for the cops in Forth Worth.

Nadine said...

I was doing a Google search for "bubbler" and your blog came up near the top of my search results. Enjoyed the photos from your trip back to Milwaukee.

We have bubblers in Madison, too.

MaryRuth said...

Jeanna--No, the animals weren't eating the eggs....but I guess that's the way I wrote it...!
I had to chase the squirrel away from the avacados first, then feed the cats and wait till they were done and gone. The cats are strays that we feed and they are really super scaredy. Then I could go out with my eggs and take the pic.
We will be in Austin mostly and a quick overnight to San Antonio to see the Alamo.
Nadine--thanks for stopping by! Are you doing bubbler research?

Miss Healthypants said...

You know, I kinda missed coloring Easter eggs this year--I'm totally doing that again next year. :)

Have fun in Austin! Just a vacation-type trip?

MaryRuth said...

MHP--I don't think we've done eggs for a number of years, but I saw the box at the store and said what the heck. I really liked your "peep show" photo!
The Austin trip is for my niece's wedding.