Sunday, July 26, 2009


I really like beans and I'm always on the lookout for good ways to prepare them. I do use them in a few salads, but it seems that cooked beans are more of a dish for cooler weather. So when I came across Tuscan Beans in Summery Tomato Ragu I was excited to try it.
The dish is really easy to prepare--you just have to remember to soak your beans ahead of time--and uses ingredients that are almost always on hand. I will admit it is not a "cool kitchen" dish, since it does go in the oven at some point. I used Great Northern beans--but I would love to try cannelini beans sometime
The mellowness of the beans offsets the tangy tomatoes well, and the cheese that is sprinkled on top adds a wonderful undertone. I served this as a side for some grilled steak and garlic-sauteed wild arugula, but I think the beans with a big salad or a pile of sauteed greens would be more than enough to make a nice meat-free dinner.


Miss Healthypants said...

Hey, why does reading your blog almost always make me hungry?? *smiles*

MaryRuth said...

ummmm...maybe cuz you read it at dinner time?!

Jeanna said...

Are you this healthy when your in Milw? The Shee boygan Bratfest is coming up, btw.

MaryRuth said...

When I go to WI it is about 50-50 on the healthy stuff--of course I have custard and fish fry, but my family is pretty on top of converting to healthy eating.
Many years ago when I was cooking in a foo-foo hotel in Hawaii, I came back to WI for a family party and planned the menu and cooked everything. A lot of it was similar to what we would serve in the hotel--Pacific Rim style. Stuff on sticks, Asian slaw, mango salad, etc. The more carnivorous were a little freaked out there were no brats/burgers and I heard one person say "No Jell-o???" Now, my family loves me to visit and make them "fancy" stuff.
I went to Bratfest once when I was maybe 10-11...I remember seeing people laying on the curb because they were so drunk. I was a little weirded out.