Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Last night was show time over here at The Fartwood Cemetery. All the months of preparation came together flawlessly. We had a clear, mild fall evening to make it even better.
The kids started coming about 6:30 and there was a steady flow of goblins, witches, and Spidermen throughout the evening. Even King Tut visited us. Many people stopped by and told us they had been watching and waiting to see the haunt for weeks.
Dale got two votes of "tight" and one "sick" from the local teenagers. So I guess that's good, huh? I overheard one kid say "Mom! It's a MILITARY" Instead of "cemetery". That was cute.
The fog was really pumping. At some points you could not see across the street.

Here's a shot of a few weeks ago when we first put up the fence. This gives a good "before" image.

One new thing this year was the addition of a second gate, with the hopes it would provide better traffic flow. We put down a path of cedar mulch over the grass to delineate the way to go. Dale decided he needed some fall leaves to lend authenticity, so we found some maple trees in town and raked us up some leaves.

Here's a shot of the completed yard in daylight.

The Cryptmaster

Some close-ups of the props

What would happen in Insane Killer Klown and Hoochie Mama had a baby? It would be Pooh Bear! Who knew?!?

Dale and Mother Superior. Good thing she forgot her ruler.

We knocked it off about 9pm. Dale had counted 270 kids had been there. As we cleaned up the yard, we listened to our traditional broadcast of "War of the Worlds". A spooky and fun night was had by all. Plus we got a little candy leftover =)

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