Friday, November 2, 2007

Spooktacular...and yummy too

On Sunday we had a dry-run of the haunt. We do it mainly to make sure the foggers are operational. No fog=bad haunt. This also enables friends with their own Halloween-night activities a chance to see the haunt fully operational.
This year I made a big pot of Posole Rojo. Just what was needed on a crisp fall evening.
You would think with the quantity of chiles the posole would be super hot, but it wasn't. In fact I added a little cayenne and a few shakes of chipotle powder right before serving to give it a little heat. There is a huge difference between Mexican oregano and Greek oregano. Search out the Mexican variety if you can. I get mine at Penzey's
You might notice the lack of toppings. Against my better judgement, I bought avocados from New Zealand. They were awful and I couldn't use them. California Avocados Uber Alles. I used cabbage instead of the lettuce and I totally spaced on the onions. The "home made" tortilla strips really do make the dish.

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