Saturday, November 10, 2007

Leftover Magic

I'm really aware of using up my leftovers. I usually have my week's menus planned out to use everything up, but once in a while I get this odd assortment of ingredients in the fridge. Tonight I needed to connect a cup of rotisserie chicken and three kinds of Mexican cheese.

Eureka! Enchiladas!

I had the cheese leftover from making Green Chile Chilaqiles two weeks ago. Unfortunately, the Panela cheese did not make it. It is a fresh cheese, sort of similar to ricotta or farmer's cheese (sorta). The Manchego and Cojita were fine and I shredded them. (Oh, let's say...10 oz total) Chopped up an onion and half of a chile pepper from my neighbor's garden and let them sweat in some canola oil. Added the shredded chicken and hit it with a half cup of purchased enchilada sauce.
I dipped corn tortillas in some of the heated enchilada sauce and filled the tortillas with the chicken mixture and some of the cheese.
Roll 'em up, place in a casserole that has just a teeny bit of sauce in the bottom, cover with a teeny bit more sauce and cover with some cheese.
375 deg. 20 min or so.
Que Bueno!

I don't make enchiladas very often, but when I have made them in the past, I have made the enchilada sauce from scratch. It is not too hard, but takes a bit of time to toast, soak, and then blenderize the chiles. I was in a little bit of a hurry last night, hence the canned sauce. Maybe I picked the gringo brand or something, but it wasn't that good. I'll stick to my home made sauce.

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