Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gonna Burn Some.......Lavender??!

I drive the 405 to get to work. It is not the commute-from-hell that it could be as I go contra-flow. Speed limit, 40 minutes, no big deal.
Since I'm on the road a lot, I get to see some interesting things. One of the highlights of my commute is that I pass right by the "Goodyear Airship Operations" facility in Carson. Yep, that's where they tie up the Blimp. It is a freaky thing to see lift off or land. One of these days I hope I can ride in it.
The other day as I passed the Goodyear facility, I saw a rather shocking billboard. The humorously-named Kumho Tire Company is apparently making Lavender-Scented tires! I thought it was a joke at first, but I checked their website and sure enough...the world's first "Aroma Tire". And they have plans to make orange and jasmine-scented ones soon.
Tires are kind of stinky when you come to think about it, why not make them smell nice? I like that they chose lavender. It has a calming effect. Just think, if thousands of people had lavender tires, maybe there might be less incidents of road rage. Who knows? Well that, and slipping Valiums into the water supply.
I will be in the market for some new tires soon, if the price is right, I may just get me some Kumhos.


Anonymous said...

On the other hand, with a odor that good, burning rubber for the 'thrill of the scent' could be mistaken for road rage...don't you think? It may get awfully confusing out there. I think I will just stick to my tree freshener with an evergreen scent (i.e. Repoman - also one of my favorite flicks. I have the collectors license plate box set numbered #15632/30000) limited edition. Have you seen it packaged this way?

MaryRuth said...

"you find one in every car" Truth is..those things make me sneeze, so I have to leave them outside 'till the smell is gone. Right now I have a "de-smellified" Ramones one.
I do have the license plate box. I did not know they were numbered. I think there is a 25-year anniversary DVD set out. I'd sure like that too.
Tire spinning is a different animal than road rage, I think. Soccer Moms in Excursions do road rage, but could never spin a tire.
BTW, Kumho makes tires that produce colored smoke when spinned. Unbelievable.