Sunday, December 2, 2007

They're Baaaaaack!

Yay! I have lemons again! Meyer lemons to be specific. It only took 10 months or so, but they're back. This makes me VERY happy.
Normally, the lemon bush will produce almost year-round, and unlike say, peaches, the fruit can remain on the branch for quite a long period of time without rotting. Same thing with the oranges, limes and avocadoes I have. It's like having a mini fruit store in the backyard.
I can't tell you how convenient it is to be able to just go out in the back yard and pick a lemon when I want to make some vinaigrette or other dish that needs the typical "2 tablespoons lemon juice" or some grated zest.
My lemon emergency began last winter...maybe January, I forget exactly when. We had a pretty good cold snap for about 3 days. The backyard thermometer registered 30 degrees. (You non-California people can stop laughing now, OK?) That is pretty unusual for this area being so close to the ocean. As a result, the lemons that were on the bush got all rotten and mushy and fell off. It has taken this long to grow another crop. In the meantime, I have had to resort to PURCHASING lemons in the store. 59 cents for a LEMON?!?!?! That's usurious! Give me a break.
Anyway, I gots me some lemons again. Happy days.

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Wandering Chopsticks said...

Yay for lemons! I just noticed my youngest uncle's Meyer lemon tree is almost all ripe now too and he's been urging me to pick them.