Saturday, December 1, 2007

Xmas Lights

Most of the Xmas decorations went up last Sunday. Oh sure, there were some cuss words and statements like "I'm getting too old to be up here on this damn ladder." The crappy string of C-9's that go around the eves are on their last year of service. They aren't really C-9 bulbs...rather they are mini lights with bulb-shaped covers on that break and then can't be replaced like a regular bulb could be.
Then we couldn't find the mini lights that go on the bushes. We couldn't remember if they were tossed out last year or what. That meant a trip to Lowe's to get more lights. Of course, I found the tub of missing lights on the patio table on Thursday when I was BBQ'ing. So we have LOTS of lights now.
Today we put up our new Xmas item....a light-up Santa head. It is really cool, just like in the 50's. I got it from one of my favorite online stores: Vermont Country Store. This place has all sorts of old-timey stuff--food, clothing, gadgets, you name it. It's like going to your Grandma's house.

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