Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cruising J-Town

I'm a little weird. But I guess if you are a regular Bubbler reader, you probably figured that one out by now. But it is weird in a GOOD way, I assure you!
One of the things that makes me weird is...I like signs. New signs, old signs, hand-painted, neon--I enjoy them all.
Here are a few signs I saw on a recent trip to Los Angeles' Little Tokyo:


D.B. Echo said...

Not that weird...


There is ONE vertical business sign left in Nanticoke. I'll have to get that before it's gone.

MaryRuth said...

Wow, those are some nice blogs...thanks for the tip. One of the ones I look at is www.lileks.com
We got a lot of ghost sign pics when we went on Route66 a couple years ago. Next time I go to LasVegas, I want to go to the Neon Graveyard there.

Miss Healthypants said...

That's not that weird--I like signs, too! Of course, I'm a little weird, as well... :)

LA Farm Girl said...

Neat shots! When I still had a "real" job at the US Bankruptcy Court, my favorite part of the job (which is telling in itself) was being in Little Tokyo.

Have you ever taken the Neon Cruise? It is awesome, you ride in a double decker British bus looking at old Neon signs in LA. Check it out at the Museum of Neon, http://www.neonmona.org/flash/

MaryRuth said...

MHP--aww...you're not weird...you're just different! =)

Judi--I want to go on that Neon Cruise! It sounds awesome. It is great that so much old neon in LA is being brought back to life.