Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter at the Beach

Winter time is a great time to go to the beach. Not as many people as in the summer for sure, but the views are more dramatic in winter. The winter storm blew out of here on Friday, so Saturday was a good time to check out the beach. The storm washes all the particulate matter from the skies, so we get some pretty incredible views all over the Southland.
We started in Hermosa Beach. This view is looking SW. The Redondo Beach/King Harbor area is the dark line. The darker landmass is the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and way off in the distance is Catalina Island. From where I was standing to the PV Peninsula is about 8 miles or so, as the crow flies.

Next we stopped in Redondo Beach and watched the sun set and listened to an episode of Dragnet. Sunsets here are usually cloud-free so it was cool that there were these wispy clouds to make things more dramatic.

Check out Dale's photos--his camera is way more bitchin' than mine!


goldenrail said...

That's beautiful!

Miss Healthypants said...

Just gorgeous! :) I'm so jealous!--how warm is it there now??

MaryRuth said...

MHP--right now (noon) it is probably 70-ish, but when I left the house at 5am the radio guy said it was 40. I was all bundled up!
One thing we like to check out on our holiday beach excursion is how many of the Rose Bowl teams supporters we see splashing around in the surf. People visiting from back East always enjoy doing that.