Saturday, December 27, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture?

This is the roof of Dale's car at 7:30am. That's frost. On the car. In SoCal. 
The weather widget on The Daily Breeze site says 36 degrees, but our backyard thermometer was 40 degrees.  I knew we should have lit the tiki torches under our citrus "grove" last night to keep the fruit from freezing!
So then I click over to JSOnline and their weather widget says it is 48 degrees! And raining! The snowTrizzles are melting!
Will one of you global-warming doubters please tell me why, on a December day,  it is warmer in Milwaukee than in Torrance??


Miss Healthypants said...

How 'bout it? This weather is crazy lately!!

john said...

Wellll, the trouble with the " Do Gooders ' & their predicting is it's based on data since the light bulb was invented, whereas "Globally" we're talking 'bout 10K or more years. Therefore if Dale gets frost today vs. Mke @ 45F happening once & not again for 9.5K yrs. it's a fluke not a trend. What do you think ? It sure was nice to have 50's and see ALL the snow go down the drains ! Easy to shovel ! XO, Pops

MaryRuth said...

MHP--just don't be pulling out your shorts and swimsuit just yet. =)

Dad--you are right about the "fluke" part, but some of the other stuff is really happening. Hope you don't have another flood in the basement though.