Monday, January 5, 2009

Helvetica--The Movie!

If you can see this, typography is a part of your life. Typography is probably something most people don't think about, but some people think about all the time. Like me. So when I heard that someone had made a movie about a typeface, I was excited and intrigued.
Helvetica, a movie by Gary Hustwit, explores the history and impact of what is undoubtedly the most ubiquitous typeface ever.
My background was in the graphic arts--that's what I studied in school. Even though I never pursued it as a career, design--especially typography--is something that really interests me. (You'd never guess that based on this train wreck of a blog though!) I like Helvetica. Dale, on the other hand, IS a card-carrying member of the graphics industry. And he hates Helvetica. Which is why I got him this DVD for Christmas last year. The film is awesome.
Helvetica will have its television debut tomorrow night on PBS. They even have a mini-site with lots of background info on the movie, filmmaker and the history of type. The site even has a game "What Font Are You?" I took the challenge and guess what?!?  I'm Helvetica!
I wish everyone could see this movie and get interested in typography. Especially those guys that think it is cool to write stuff in ALL CAPS "Olde English". Lame.
Gary has a new film coming out--Objectified. It is all about design and the people who make it.


D.B. Echo said...

Sans serif fonts = Crazysexycool!

MaryRuth said...

BD--LOL! I agree.
I just got an ear-full on just why Helvetica sucks and why my favorite serif font is no good either. I guess I'm just old-fashioned. =)

D.B. Echo said...

You tell whoever that Helvetica is GREAT for those of us with astigmatisms! Less visual noise getting smeared across our information!

goldenrail said...

I came out as Helvetica, too. I'm kinda insulted, it's so ordinary!

MaryRuth said...

DB--that is a good point. There's a reason why this font has worked for 50+ years.
GR--I think it might be set up to make everyone Helvetica, but I did see other possibilities when I was checking my answer.

Miss Healthypants said...

I don't even really know what typography is! :)

MaryRuth said...

MHP--it is the design of type (fonts) and also of design with type.

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