Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Accordion Awareness Month!

It is always Accordion Awareness Month at my house, but this month it is official. So, in honor of Accordion Awareness Month, I have put together a little podcast showcasing just a tiny bit of the diverse music styles that feature accordions. It's not your grandfather's accordion music anymore! Sure, everybody thinks accordions equal polka music...but pretty much all cultures have some sort of squeezy-box. The rising popularity of world music is bringing all this good stuff to more ears. 

Click here to check out the podcast. Here's a little bit of info about the songs that are included:

The ever-awesome (and Grammy award-winning!) Brave Combo gives an old standard polka a totally new sound. 

Nortec Collective from Mexico brings the traditional sound of accordion to the alternative beats.

Cajuns like Bruce Daigrepont are famous for using accordions.

Texas is home to a huge Czech population that brought the polka music with them from the old country and morphed it with the twangy country music.

Chicha music is a freaky psychedelic mix of Peruvian, Columbian, Andean sounds that began in the late 70's. Chicha Libre is a contemporary band from the US that re-introduced this genre.

Gogol Bordello kicks ass with their over-the-top Gypsy punk.

The rest of the list are the kinds of traditional polkas that I grew up listening to.

And of course I had to put some Weird Al in here!

This is by no means a complete list of accordion music...just some of the bands and songs I like. If you want to explore the wonderful world of accordions, check out Let's Polka, a treasure trove of all things accordion.

My cousin Kathleen took this awesome photo of her husband Mark and his accordion. He serenades her (and sometimes the squirrels) every day.


goldenrail said...

Have I really been following your blog for a year now? I think I remember the last Accordion Awareness Month.
Happy Polkaing!

D.B. Echo said...

Is that an accordion at the beginning of Led Zeppelin's "Carouselambra"?

I suppose it could have just been a synthesizer.

MaryRuth said...

GR--yeah I think it has been about a year. Good times!
DB--I think it is a synth. I have never heard that Zep song either.

john said...

Now, let me get this right, You work ( sometimes ), shop at the Farmers Market, bake/ cook, make blogs & do shows in L A, right ? When do you get to rest ? I love all of it! Now if I only can get this LITTLE lap top to work everywhere I could check in regularly, HUGS, Pops

MaryRuth said...

Rest is for sissies, Dad!
You know, with your "pull" in the should get them to put in a city-wide Wi-Fi, then you would be OK. Go to the library or over to Starbucks and use your computer there, that might work.
Did you get to listen to the podcast?
Take care! xoxox

Miss Healthypants said...

We have an accordian-playing street musician downtown. I love listening to him play. :)