Monday, June 8, 2009

Meet Charlie

This is Charlie, one of the stray cats that has been hanging around Fartwood Manor for the last six months or so. FatCat is still around passing the time between the three houses on my street. MomCat--not preggers as originally thought--just fat-- is still camped out under the deck, but getting bolder (and not in a good way). Black Irish must have found a better gig, since I haven't seen him for a few months. 
Charlie is such a cutie that we were hoping he'd calm down a bit and be a little more accepting of us. Lately, he's come up to the back patio door but retreats once I go there to dish out the food. The other night I accidentally left the slider open and was in the next room at the computer. I looked up an there was Charlie in the tee-vee room checking out the Laker game. I kept still and he wandered around the house for about 30 minutes. He just quietly sat there looking at me sitting at my desk. I had to take this photo so Dale would believe me that he had actually come into the house.
Last night when we got home, Charlie and MomCat were eagerly waiting for some food. Dale left the door open and eventually Charlie came in again. Dale found some catnip left over from HellCat and put that out and Charlie rolled around in it and had a good time, but eventually got spooked and ran out. 
I hope he gets mellowed out and wants to stay with us.


D.B. Echo said...

Feeding stray cats! Taking them into your house! Madness!

MaryRuth said...

You have really started a menagerie, haven't you?! They are all so cute! I think you have the advantage in that you have baby kitties to deal with. Charlie seems to be a wily teenager. Hopefully with enough catnip and tuna fish he'll come to our side.

D.B. Echo said...

I hate to play favorites, but Bowie, the girl who fell into our basement two weeks ago, is SOOO much cuter than her two brothers Thor and BlueBear, who we captured this week.

Unfortunately, my mom and our neighbor have been a little too supportive of these strays. There were two OTHER litters of kittens born about two weeks after this one. That's, like, a dozen new cats being introduced into the environment. Even with the three we have pulled out - tragically, only one of them a female, a future litter-bearer - that's a huge problem. I think we should sex the kittens now, while they're young enough to stay put when approached, and target the females for capture once they're weaned.

Miss Healthypants said...

SUCH a cute cat! :) I bet he'll be your's before too long now... :)

Chris said...

Mary Ruth, I've been meaning to check your blog out more often - I have the memory of a stone - and today was scrolling down my favorites and there you were! I loved reading all your entries: the kitties, the donuts, the cloufutti, etc. You seem to enjoy life in general and that is very refreshing. I was not able to get any of the photos to show up, so maybe I have a crappy computer or something. Anyway, maybe Phil will find a way to fix that problem. Hope all is well "witch you guys."
Cousin Chris

MaryRuth said...

Hi Chris! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like reading my little posts....but it is too bad that you can't see the photos! Those are the best part. I even had one that Kathy took of Mark playing the accordion. It might be your computer, or it might be that you have your settings so restricted that you have to click something to load them. Ask Phil.
Hope all is well with you guys too. Life is great except I'm working my ass off. (Not complaining...happy to be employed!) Take Care.