Monday, March 24, 2008

MMMMM Malasadas!

Here's a yummy pic of the malasadas I got at the Torrance Farmer's Market on Saturday. They are soooo good. I had dropped off my knives at the sharpener, and while I waited, I picked up a bagful and munched away.
It was pretty hot all weekend, and we tackled some yard chores.
My Easter dinner menu was boneless leg of lamb in a Greek marinade (lemon/garlic/oregano), roasted asparagus, grilled onions, and potato wedges. The food was great, but the pics I took pretty much sucked, so all I can show is this rhubarb cake thing we had for dessert.

I love rhubarb, and every spring I try to make a couple of things. This was a new recipe. Tasted good and was easy to make. I remember when I first moved to California, I made a rhubarb kuchen or pie and brought it to work to share with my co-workers. They had been pretty amused already by my Wisconsin "ways" and accent, and this rhubarb dish really threw them. They didn't know what to make of it. But they liked it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! My boyfriend - originally from the Boston area - has been telling me about malasadas for the past 3 years! Who knew they were right under our noses at the Torrance farmers market. Sweet.

MaryRuth said...

Anony--thanks for stopping by. To me, malasadas are a Hawaii thing...brought there by Portugese settlers. But now that I think of it, there are large Portugese communities in Massachusetts, so it makes sense malasadas would be popular there too. Enjoy!