Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coming Soon to.....Southern California?!?!?

OK. It is May 24th and it is raining. And cold. It rained yesterday and the day before that and will probably rain tomorrow. Thursday tornadoes touched down in San Bernardino. Thunder and lightning in Huntington Beach. A few inches of hail blanketed the ground in the San Gabriel valley. Snow was sticking to the ground in Big Bear yesterday. And it is May 24th.
Last night I drove home from work and had to have the heater on to keep my sandal-clad feet warm.
Is God punishing us California sinners? Is it global warming? Just a freaky cowinky-dink?
I'll be rethinking the weekend's menus....instead of a nice alfresco grilled fish dinner, I think I'll be making chile verde.

I'm not REALLY complaining....anytime I don't have to water the landscaping I'm happy. Hopefully this will help with our short water supply. But it is really freaking me out that it is frikkin MAY 24 and raining.

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