Sunday, May 18, 2008

Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade

Torrance has the honor of hosting the longest continually running military parade in the nation--this year marks 49 years! In addition to the parade, there are a few supporting festivities such as a concert and a chance to see the military equipment up close. Each year a different branch of the military is honored--this year it was the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fi!
Saturday morning I had business to take care of in Downtown Torrance and afterward I checked out what was happening in El Prado Park. There was a competition between all the Southland Marine Recruiting Centers. The recruits had to perform various feats of physical endurance like pull-ups, tug of war, and something I think I heard refered to as "the wirly-swirlys".
The color guard practicing before the show.

I haven't been to the parade for the last few years, but when we lived closer to the parade route we would walk up the street and check it out. What we usually end up doing now is checking out the displays at Del Amo after the parade.
The shear hugeness of the equipment is impressive. The kids love checking out all the jeeps and trucks. We got to talking to a few of the soldiers and I was moved at the level of pride and commitment these young people have toward the task they are undertaking.
The Army invades Macy's looking for bargains.

Torrance Airlift (yeah, please rid us of these 88'rs!)

Actually, this Blackhawk flew over our house en route to Del Amo. It was REALLY low and REALLY scary. And LOUD!

An Army Fireman struck a pose. How come firemen are so foxy?

We were listening to the scanner at home during the parade--Dale's radio group does the radio support for the event--and I heard there was a little "brewhaha" during the parade. I'm going to get a little more info before I say more, but if it is what I think it was, wow...!

Dale is a much better photographer than I am, so check out his photos here

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