Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jacaranda Time--update

This is an update of an earlier post. I got some photos of my own to use instead of using some stock image I found on Google.
One of my favorite times of the year is just beginning. This is the time when the jacaranda trees bloom. I've been watching the trees along the side of the 405 lately and I could tell the time was coming soon.
This jacaranda is located in Old Downtown Torrance. It is one of two trees that shade this little plaza of sorts. The Keller Memorial is honoring Thomas Keller, a TPD officer who lost his life in the line of duty. The bicycle probably belongs to a worker at the restaurant seen in the background.
Jacaranda trees are pretty freaky. The leaves are really tiny and there's not too many of them. The blossoms seem to appear from nowhere and almost overnight blossom out into an explosion of purpleness.
Some neighborhoods have many of the trees lining the streets. The branches form a purple canopy that is just awesome. I don't know of any streets like that in Torrance, but I have seen some in North Long Beach and also in the City of Orange.
The drawback of the jacaranda is that the falling blossoms make a HUGE mess and stain the sidewalk. They also have a misty sap that messes up your car. All this beauty comes at a price I guess.

This is the " John F. Kennedy Memorial Toilet Seat" located in the same plaza as in the above image. Looks like someone had a good idea and put this cover on to keep all those soon-to-be-falling blossoms out of the fountain. I know that when someone donates money or whatever to provide a civic memorial like this one it's hard not to look a gift horse in the mouth. But come on, at least look at the blueprints first people! It totally looks like a toilet and even has the Ty-D-Bowl blue inside.


Dan said...

That is an impressive Jacaranda tree. I grew up with one just like it in my front yard. I´d have to agree with your appraisal of the JFK "fountain", it does look rather like a toilet seat!

MaryRuth said...

Thanks Dan! The jacarandas are sooo beautiful right now. I enjoyed looking at your blog and those photos you link to are really nice. I found some really helpful links too!

Gena D Brenan said...

We have dubbed this fountain the JFK bidet since it has the rinse option there as part of the fountain.

MaryRuth said...

Gena---I totally agree that it is a bidet! Isn't it crazy that this thing was built and has been there as long as it has? I checked out your blog....good stuff! Sorry to hear about your decorating disaster.