Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Destination: Torrance

While we are on the subject of civic boosterism, there is talk that Torrance wants to pump up its image a bit and make a bid as a tourist destination. Or at least as a cheaper place for tourists to stay on their way to actual tourist destinations. The city and chamber of commerce are thinking of establishing a visitor center and convention bureau in hopes of snagging some tourism dollars.

Now, don't get me wrong.....I love Torrance. It is a great place to live. But seriously, there's not all that much here that would appeal to a tourist--at least not as a final destination. No theme park, no movie studio, no sporting venue. I'm a fan of the quirky and the weird when I travel, and Torrance doesn't even have a big ball of twine or giant fiberglass statue to call its own.

Let's see what we have in Torrance that maybe someone else would like to see.......

--Fans of urban planning (and un-planning) might like to check out Old Torrance--the first planned city west of the Mississippi. What's left of it anyway.
--Movie buffs might like to visit the locations of films and tee-vee shows shot in Torrance: Jackie Brown, Bad Santa, Boogie Nights, Buffy, and 90210 to name a few.
--We got a big mall! (with crummy stores)
--Wilson Park is really nice.
--Torrance Beach, all 300 feet of it.
--The Farmers Market is awesome.
--You can play "what's that smell?" at the Mobil Refinery.
--Train buffs would enjoy all the trains passing though town. All the time. With really loud horns.

Torrance--it's on the way to where you're going!


goldenrail said...

Actually, that sounds just like the type of place Daddy would take us on vacation. Especially if there's a small one-room museum about the city's original planning. Funny you mentioned all those movies; every time I hear "Torrance" it makes me want to watch Boogie Nights. "Eddie Adams from Torrance..."

MaryRuth said...

GR--Dirk Diggler's "house" was right around the corner from where Dale and his sister were living. The high school on 90210 is Torrance High. (Which reminds me of my high school, West Milwaukee High)
Those one-room museums are the best!

Miss Healthypants said...

You had me at "Mobil Refinery." LOL! :)

MaryRuth said...

MHP--we get a newsletter from the refinery every once in a while, sort of a good neighbor PR thing. There really is a section in it called "What's That Smell?" SRSLY.

LA Farm Girl said...

Oh this post made me laugh! You are right, we are on the way to other places, not a destination place in and of itself. I know, some attitude for a city commissioner but it's true :)!!!!

MaryRuth said...

Judi--maybe you will put us on the map with the nation's best urban garden project!