Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vietnamese Pomelo Salad With Shrimp

One of my favorite recipe sources is Wandering Chopsticks' blog. She has tons of recipes for
Vietnamese dishes, as well as Italian, French, and American. The other week she posted a recipe for Goi Buoi Tom--Vietnamese Pomelo Salad With Shrimp. The photos looked so good I just had to try it.
Wow! This was so awesome! I'd never eaten a pomelo before, but I like grapefruit, so I was curious to use it. The pomelo was sitting on the table for a few days before making the dish and it gave off a really nice citrusy aroma. The skin is really thick, the membranes are tough, and the flavor is not as sour as a grapefruit. It just has this nice tang to it. I noticed that her pomelo was white--mine was pink.
Wandering Chopsticks used rau ram--Vietnamese coriander--in her salad; I used mint and cilantro. The nouc mam cham sauce is exactly the same as I make for my steak salad. Since I was out of shallots, I fried up some thin red onion slices. I'd never used fried onions in this way before, and it totally made the dish. Next time, I'm going to try the rau ram.
The salad is so light and fresh tasting--not to mention easy--it is definitely going to be on the menu board at Fartwood Manor.


Miss Healthypants said...

Hmm, I've never heard of a pomelo before! So I wikipedia'd it...did you know that the pink fruit is more rare than the white fruit? You learn something new every day! :)

I would probably like this salad, though--I especially love both mint and cilantro...yummy! :)

MaryRuth said...

MHP--Thanks for the info! I bought it at the farmers market and I don't remember if there was a sign stating the type of pomelo. I am definitely going to get more. Hope they are pink! The salad is SO easy to make...the only freaky thing is the fish sauce, you might have to go to an Asian market for it.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Yay! I got you to try pomelos and a Vietnamese recipe. :)

MaryRuth said...

WC--guess what we're having for dinner tonight? =)
Would this dish be something that would be on the menu at a Vietnamese Restaurant?

Jeanna said...

Here I thought you'd be catching me up on last night's Simpsons. Only saw the end due to a chatty aunt and daylight savings time.

MaryRuth said...

Jeanna--it was pretty good. Homer gets his home foreclosed and Flanders buys it and becomes their landlord. You can see the episode on and I think on as well.
I'll be in WI tomorrow....hope to stock up on licorice snaps and some indian raisins while I'm there! Oh yeah..some frozen custard too. =) Youbetcha.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I don't remember seeing it on any restaurant menus, but then again, it's not something I'd be looking for. Maybe b/c pomelos are seasonal?

Miss Healthypants said...

Hey, I ate a pomelo today!--and it was yummy! :)

Just had to let you know--I know you'll sleep better at night knowing this. *hee hee*

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