Thursday, February 12, 2009


So...the other day I got this notice attached to my grocery receipt. Sure enough, I checked the cupboard and there was ONE bar left from the pack of six I bought a few weeks ago.  I already threw the box out, so it wasn't like I could go get my money back. 
Since I already ate five bars without a problem, I spun the wheel and had half a bar before going to the gym this morning. 


goldenrail said...

They can recall food? Is that because of the MN peanut-butter stuff?

MaryRuth said...

GR--food is recalled all the time! This particular one is due to the peanut butter thing, last year tomatoes and jalapenos were recalled and meat products are always getting recalled. Oh yeah...the bagged spinach thing last year too. That was huge.
google peanut butter recall and go to the usda site to get the full list.
The other scary thing is that because I use the "club card" at the store...they can track my purchases (data mining) and voila! alert me to the fact my food is recalled.
Bon Apetit!

Miss Healthypants said...

This peanut butter thing has gotten out of hand. Americans are so paranoid, and the media doesn't help at all. I have been eating Nutter Butters and peanut butter cups with no problem...except, of course, for the five pounds I've gained since I've been on vacation! *grin*

goldenrail said...

It's just salmonella. You'll live. As long as you catch it early enough. I've had it, and it's not fun (couldn't walk for almost a week), but it's not like the plague. Besides, it can have good side effects. It makes your body hate anything you consume while you have it. For me, that means no more caffeine, which is bad for me anyway! (though I had a Coke today and will probably pay for it in about an hour).

MaryRuth said...

MHP--I told my dad, a daily peanut butter eater, to check his supply--Jif, which is on the OK list. But he was also concerned about his peanut M&M's!
GR--Sure, it won't kill ya unless you are elderly or have a bad immune system...and those are the folks that are dying.
Please clarify--because you had salmonella once, you can no longer have caffeine? That would be worse than death! =(

goldenrail said...

But you don't fit in either of those categories. Ok, you're not elderly; I don't really know about your immune system.

I don't really understand how it works but apparently your body rejects foods you intake while you have salmonella. I had been drinking coke a lot around when I got sick, and so voila, caffeine pretty much makes me feel like I have salmonella again. I was also drinking a lot of milk at the time and the Dr. warned me it would make me lactose intolerant. But you KNOW I wasn't having any of that! Dairy made me sick for awhile, but I forced my body to get used to it again. Life w/o milk or cheese?! That's a fate worse than death.