Monday, September 10, 2007

Double Plus Good

Sunday began the start of the NFL season at my house. I didn't count that weird Thursday game last week...what was that all about anyway? I got up extra early and got my chores done (I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed me hammering nails in my deck at 7:30am) so I could watch the pre-game at 9am. Usually I just tune in for the Frank Caliendo bit, but yesterday I watched the whole thing. The guys were pretty funny and new-mom Jillian looked a lot less skanky than usual.
The Packer game was the featured early game. DAMN....yet another game that I really didn't have to pay for!
The Packers didn't look too bad overall. The defense is getting together and looks promising. The offensive side is another story...there is pretty much no running game.
Luckily the Eagles really didn't have it together in the first quarter or so. The Packers got lucky a few times and it really got to be a nailbiter there at the end. Like my dad says...a win is a win...we'll take it. And....da Bears lost. Life is good.

Later in the afternoon I headed out to my last Hollywood Bowl event for the season. The program was Underworld with opening act Paul Oakenfold. I had seen both performers before. I'm not too excited about Oakenfold....I don't really care for that style of dreamy beats and soaring vocals.
Underworld went through a personnel change since the last time I saw them, they are down to two now, but still sound great. A new album is coming soon. I'm guessing they played three or so songs from it....sounded interesting. Of course they played Born Slippy, Cowgirl, King of Snake. I haven't really listened to them for a while...I think I'll load some on to the old iPod and listen at work.
The visuals were pretty good too. Screen shots of old video games like Asteroids and Pong.

The crowd was pretty well-behaved. I did see one "furry"....a big white bunny rabbit. Dale (Mr. Early-Adopter) was telling me that there is a widget available for the iPhone of a flickering lighter flame....which can be used for the annoying waving of the cell phones at a show. I guess that is preferred to a bunch of drunk, high people with open flames, but hey, that's just me.

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