Thursday, September 20, 2007

Road Trip!

I'm off tonight for a long weekend back to the homeland....Milwaukee. MMMM...can't wait to get a big whiff of that sweet, beer-scented air.

My cousins (I have 20 on just one side of the family alone) have organized a cousin reunion. We unexpectedly lost two cousins this past year, so we said "enough" to just seeing people at the funerals...let's do it when we can smile a little bit.
And smile we cousin, who works at Miller, has pledged 10 cases of beer...My bro-in-law is bringing the brats....I'm sure SOMEone will bring Jello....what more could you want?!

Looking forward to lots of beer, brats, hugs, laughs, even some tears I'm sure...and OF COURSE....the Packer game! (oh, and The Brewers, too!)

Remember The Simpsons season premiere is this Sunday!

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