Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm Melting!

OK, this is getting a little ridiculous. I like warm weather, but....dang, it's like a thousand degrees!

We have been sitting around like slugs all weekend. I had a couple of mini-projects planned, but pretty much the only thing that really got done (because it simply HAD to) was that I picked up the desk and flat file from work. We are doing a remodel at work starting this week and we wil be getting all new desks and furniture, so my boss let us have our desks if we wanted them. I also scored a flat file...something I've always wanted to have.
So that meant I had to swap out old for new at home and clean up the disaster zone that is my desk.

All that I have the energy to do is sit on the patio and read. One benefit of that is I think I have finally caught up on my pile o' NewYorkers. It is really kind of weird to read the more topical articles two months late. Especially political things and about the war. The article might speculate why this and that might be and how it would shake down. When I get around to reading it, not only did it end up not happening that way, it was like the opposite. I did get to read a story by George Saunders, so that took my mind off the fact that there was sweat dripping off my nose. He's one freaky guy.

We do have a fan, but it's one of those industrial what the firemen use to evacuate the smoke. It's super noisy, and the lowest setting is pretty much the equivalent of a tornado.

Yesterday afternoon, we finally got tired of it and made up errands to go to. Just to be in the car with the A/C on. Cookin Stuff, 99 cent store, Lowe's, Radio Shack. I felt a little bad wasting the gas to go driving around, but waaaahhhh I was HOT.

After The Simpsons last night, we went to Foster Freeze. Leon's it ain't but at least it was cold! We drove around the corner to El Prado Park, parked and listened to a couple episodes of "Dragnet" old time radio show. We drove down to Hollywood Riviera and listened to more, but parking enforcement came and rousted parking on the Esplanade after 9pm. When we got home, HellCat was laying on the front was even too hot for his nocturnal kitty things!

We use flannel sheets year-round (they are sooooo soft and cuddly!) Last night I was wishing for some crisp percale sheets. The flannel was like an electric blanket. Ugh.

All I got to say is I'm sure glad I don't live in The Valley!

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