Sunday, September 2, 2007

Finally Summer

The weather's been really hot the last few days, even here closer to the ocean. I am about three miles inland, and we are usually spared the oven-like temperatures that are common in places like the Inbred-Empire. Torrance even has a weather phenomenon called "The Daily Breeze" which is an ocean wind that starts in the late afternoon and really cools the place down. In fact most of the time it is a little too breezy and chilly to have our evening dinner on the patio. At this time of year that changes, and it stays warm into the evening. We spent the last two nights on the patio listening to the crickets and the scanner and waiting with the garden hose primed to blast any possum or raccoon that wanders into the yard.

Because it was so warm, I made one of our favorite warm weather dishes...cold noodles. I used somen because that's what I had and I skipped the peanuts, because that's what I didn't have. And I added carrots..because I like 'em!

From Epicurious: Rice-Stick Noodle Salad

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