Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eli's Coming

Things are starting to get exciting around here. A sense of electricity in the air. High anxiety. Even my clients at work have sent me "Go Packers" emails.
The media is in high gear cranking up the hype machine over the playoffs and "The Big Game". I'm trying not to think too much about it and not make myself nuts.
I was reading the local paper today and came across this picture accompanying an article about Eli Manning. I knew just the right spot for it.

I heard this works to put the "chill" on the opposition. But then I hope it doesn't help to acclimate him to the frigid temperatures predicted for Sunday's game.
And now you know what I have in my fridge.

1 comment:

Dad / Pops said...

I'm not so sure that "da" N.Y. Giants will fair the weather too well. I hear that one guy offered a kidney and a lung + $500 for a ticket ! No, that's a Packer fan who wants to SIT @+5 degrees just to watch Eli get out of your reefer!!! Go Pack Go.