Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm Losin' It

On work days, I get up at 4:48AM. Yeah, that seems pretty random and it is. The real weird thing though is that I don't use an alarm clock. Oh, the clock is there on the nightstand, I just don't set it to ring. I don't think I have ever used an alarm clock except for if I have to get up at some weird time like 2:30AM to go to the airport or something. I just wake up pretty much when I need to. And that has been at 4:48AM.
Except this morning.
I cracked an eye open and looked at the clock....4:20! OMG! I'm late! I think I even said "OH CRAP" aloud. I did all my things and started on my way to work. The announcer on the radio was different, but I thought maybe the usual guy was out. When I got on the freeway there were like, NO CARS! Which I thought was a little weird, but hey, maybe Rideshare Thursday is catching on.
I continue on my merry way and was already off the freeway when I finally hear the radio announcer say..."And now the news AT 5 O'CLOCK! WTF?!?!? I'm like an hour EARLY! Then I remembered....4:20 Why the heck did I get up at 4:20? OH Geez am I a loser.
So there I was at work at 5:15 am. We just remodeled at work and got a brand new couch, so I got out my little blankie that I keep for such occasions and I took a nap until my co-worker came in at 6:30.

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