Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Heart Lolcats!

Until about two months ago, I always thought of myself as pretty Internet-savvy. I might not be a super user Web designer, I've never been friended, or even involved with much beyond buying crap and using email, (well, I DO have this blog...) but I thought I was a little more informed than the average Joe. For instance, I was the first to clue my co-workers in to Google and You Tube.
Two things happened recently that made me suddenly and sadly realize that I am just a lame, old has-been that don't know shit. As Grampa Simpson so eloquently said...."I used to be with it. But then they changed what it was. Now what's it just seems weird and scary. And it will happen to YOU TOO!"
The first thing that happened was the "word of the year" choice: w00t. What the hell is that?!? OK. Yes, I know what gamers are. Yes, I know of l33t-speak and that whole universe. Yes, I know all about that breakdown of the English language used in texting. But I had never, EVER even HEARD of this term before. And here it was...word of the year. How did I miss that? Loser.
The second thing that made me realize how out of it I was actually turned out to be a really cool thing that I'm happy I learned about: I Can Has Cheezburger. This is the best. Site. Ever. Srsly.
Started a year ago yesterday, ICHC is a site that gathers and captions pictures of cats which are called "lolcats". The captions that are added to the pictures are written in a blend of butchered syntax and grammar with texting shortcuts like "thks" and "u". The captions give the impression that the cats themselves are doing the writing. This link explains it better than I can.
The site has stock images for you to caption, or you can use an image of your own. After an initial screening, the hopefuls go on a "voting page" where users award cheezburgers to their favorites. The winners are then added to the front page.
Here is the original image.

This site is becoming a bit of an obsession for me. Every time I go there I laugh so hard my stomach hurts. Some people are really gifted at captioning. I'm just a lurker actually. I don't vote and I haven't yet thought of a good caption. Hell Cat is not a very inspiring feline. I did make a few "lolbrett" images for this blog that I thought were good though.
If you have a need for a real time-waster or just want to have a good laugh, check out the magic that is I Can Has Cheezburger. You, too, can be hip and with it.

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