Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Grab Bag

Remember the wild weather I was talking about earlier? Sure, I was complaining a little, but in the whole scheme of things, rain is a good thing. However, I swear if I hear that phrase "Yeah, but we need it" again any time soon, I may just hit someone with my overworked umbrella. I did think it was a little ironic to hear that LosAngeles has more rain-to-date than Seattle.
Anyways, one of the BEST things about the rain is that when its all over, we get some pretty awesome views of the snow-capped mountains. The air has been washed clean of all the particulate matter and everything is all bright and sparkly. This is just a quickie shot I took yesterday of the SanGabriel Mountains. They are about 50 miles away. If I would have continued up the road and got a few hundred feet higher, I could have gotten a nice panorama. Maybe today I'll check it out.

Yesterday was a big day at "DadTech", a division of "DaleTech". This is a view of what's inside a laptop. Circuit boards. This is my world, people. That's what I do, right there.

Well, at least I tried. Last summer when the peach tree was going insane, I froze two bags of peaches. The plan was to bring them out in the dark, dreary days of winter and make something with them. That was supposed to happen yesterday. But it didn't. Why? Because instead of thawing into somewhat peachy chunks, I ended up with two bags of peachy goo that wasn't even good to make a smoothie with. *sigh*


Wandering Chopsticks said...

The circuit board photo followed by the landscape one made me think of an aerial shot of a city. Very pretty. :)

MaryRuth said...

Thanks WC. Yeah, boards are kinda like miniature cities. There was a tv ad a while back (selling what I can't remember) of an ant's eye view of a circuit board with the electrons flying was pretty good.