Friday, June 6, 2008

(Hot) Dog Day Afternoon

The other day I was shopping at Sprouts. I'm not a frequent customer, since it is a little far from my house, but they had a great price on some chicken and cherries, so I took a ride over there.
I was surprised and delighted to discover they carry Usinger's products. Not just the weiners like you see here, but Braunschweiger and others as well. If you've never had a weiner with a natural casing, you haven't lived. They have this delicious "snap" when you bite into the juicy goodness. Throw on a couple of chopped onions and a slathering of Lowensenf mustard. Oh Man, that's good.
Usinger's is a old Milwaukee institution--started in 1880. The factory-store is something out of the Old World. On the walls inside the store are murals depicting the sausage-making elves. I actually toured the factory once. My sister's father-in-law worked there for many years, and when he retired, the company threw him a party and we all got to tour the plant. It was pretty interesting to see how it is done. And no...nothing scary either.
Apparently though, Usinger's has not adopted the "National Hot Dog/Bun Alignment Act of 1982". Their dogs still come in sixes, and the packs of buns come in eights. So now I have two extra buns.

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