Friday, June 27, 2008

My Prodigal Earrings

I found it....again.
My earring, that is.
I have pair of earrings that I wear pretty much constantly. Since I have pierced ears (one hole per lobe, like nature intended) I need to wear something, but I am also pretty much not into all this adornment and style and fashion, so I found a cool pair that I really love and I just wear them 24/7. They are European lever back earrings and the main thing I love about them is that they don't have a post, they are more of a hoop. I hate earrings that have a post because when you sleep with post earrings, the post stabs you in the neck and that is not cool. And I am FAR too lazy to be taking off and putting on earrings every morning and night.
I had been with my dad at the "family" jewelry store a few years ago--I think we were getting something for my mom or getting something cleaned. As I wandered around while he was doing his business, I spotted these earrings. Great price, just what I was looking for. When I tried to pay for them, my dad said the treat was on him. Sweet!
I've had these for at least five years. Like I said, I love them and wear them almost constantly. Until one goes missing. Like on Tuesday.
This hasn't been the only time one has gone missing. The first time I noticed one missing was at work. I looked all over but...nothing. I even had my co-worker take a photo of the remaining one so I could send it to the jewelry shop and get another pair. I was pretty bummed. Imagine my surprise when after a few days had passed, I spotted the lost earring on the floor!
Since then they've gone missing from time to time. Once I found one in the bedroom, once in the car. Last year one went missing when I was in Portland. Dale and I retraced our steps for a while and forlornly went back to the hotel. Later when I was putting on my PJ's....there it was!
Tuesday, I was sitting at my desk at work and noticed one was missing. Damn. I looked around the floors at work, in the car, in the bed clothes and on the floors at home. Nothing. I had been to the gym on Monday, who knows, it could have fallen there.
So there I was on Wednesday, getting a cold drink from the fridge, and spotted the prodigal earring on the floor! Whoo hoo!
I don't know, but I think there is something special about these earrings. I always sort of attribute it to the fact that my Dad got them for me. When I discover one is missing, I don't get all crazy and frantic about it. It is more of a Zen thing....I get this feeling that when it wants to be discovered, it will be. And so far, that is what has happened. Weird.

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john said...

O.K., so your Pops finally got around to checking your Blog. (Been busy with flooded basement, election to Pres. of SDHS Old Timers, BB games etc.), in any case I too remember the prodigal earrings. I was treating your Mom and you were there. How can I refuse a daughter anything ? I think maybe your Mom is telling you to BE MORE CAREFULL or perhaps they like a good home !
That Sponge Bob thing I think is best, forgotten!