Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Bloggy Birthday To Me!--UPDATED!

Wow, a whole year has passed since I began this 'lil blog. I enjoy doing it, but I wish I had more time to devote.
Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and read my postings, I hope I don't bore you and you keep on coming back for more exciting tales.
After I made the original of this post, I felt it was a little anemic. A milestone like this is a good opportunity to think back and reflect on what happened during the past year.
Here's a little recap on what happened in the world of "Where's The Bubbler?"

I ate some candy.

Shared a little Packer love.
And more than a little Packer angst.

Went on a couple of fun road trips

Heard some great live music
Brave Combo
The Pinker Tones
LA Phil
Police y Elvis

Went to a family reunion.

Talked about The Mermaid.

Made some Tourtiere.

Explained "The Legend of Real Spooky Place".

Went to the Kwik-E-Mart.

Finally finished the rock garden.

And reminisced a bit about the good old days and of Summerfest.

(Notes on the cake....this is what happens when you send a crazy dad and teenage daughter to the store for candles!
Yummy German chocolate cake...mmm)


LA Farm Girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry, I didn't visit sooner, I have been super busy.

I hope your day was great, by the looks of that yummy Barbie-enhanced German chocolate cake, things went well.

I just wanted to comment on your year review about doing your blog. I think its great that you have done it and keep doing it since I know how hard it is to find the time to do regular updates and you often wonder does anybody even visit because not that many people comment.

I love reading your blog because its so entertaining and its a welcome break for me each day since I focus so much on web sites and blogs having to do with my work, although writing about farms and gardens is fun, it is still my work.

I do hope we really can meet in the "real world" soon.

Here's to another year of blogging for you and entertainment for those who read you regularly.

MaryRuth said...

Awww, thanks for the kind words, Judi! It has been great fun so far and I hope to keep on going.
You're right that it is easy to get discouraged when there aren't many comments, so you don't really know if anyone is out there reading. I read about 10 blogs pretty faithfully and I seldom comment and when I do, I don;t see many comments made by others. I think that's just how it is. I recently put a counter on my blog and I'm getting about 20 hits a day. Once, right after I was featured in that DailyLink thing, I had around 100. So people ARE out there, just lurking! I think I'm going to put out a questionnaire or meme thing soon, just to see if anyone replies.
You might want to check out those blog aggregator sites, I know nothing about them, except that they put your blog in a searchable database somehow. I think it helps that we are listed in that DailyLink too.
It would be great to is insane right now (in a good way) but I will definitely be at the Historical Society "Rock Around the Block" in July!
Take care!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Happy blog birthday! What's the significance of the candles? Shouldn't it be ummm...a 1? :)

MaryRuth said...

Thanks WC! Actually the cake photo is an old one...from the dual March BDs of my BF and his daughter. They went to the store to get some candles and ice cream and just got these random numbers and a Barbie thing as well as those curly ones. So now I'm ready for someone 58, 85, 8, or 5!

LA Farm Girl said...

Oh darn it, I could have used the 58 for my hubby's birthday on June 11, but the grandkids got him a 58 and he was so thrilled with that (not)! That's the advantage of marrying someone who's a bit older than you, I am always the "young" one!

And, I will be at the Rock Around the Block event. Believe it or not, I am also now on the Board of the Torrance Historic Society, just add it to my other volunteer gigs.