Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shake N Bake for Lunch

So had I just picked up some lunch at the local terikayi place. I was in the left turn pocket waiting for the arrow and my car started to shudder rather violently. My first thought was that something was wrong with the engine and it was going to blow up or something. The shaking got worse. Then I thought the car in back of me had hit me, but no, it was far back.
Holy Crap! Earthquake!
I am not a person prone to panic, but between the thoughts of my car blowing up and then realizing it was an earthquake and ohmygodheriaminthemiddleofthestreetwithallthewiresandthegasstationandaiiieeee!
As the light turned green, I peeled out and drove the 2 blocks to work. People were standing around in the parking lot. My co-workers were all a-twitter. I was shaking.
Initial reports are 5.8 -- not too shabby. Nothing is amiss, so that is good.

Now I have to go look for Mr. Whiskers!


john said...

Well,about all I can say about your "run-on-sentences is, " Mary you pack your bags and c'mon back home"! ( Really so very glad you can find a little humor in it.) As for the "dead" cat, do you think that it might have eaten a peach that had begun to fermentate?

MaryRuth said...

Hi Dad--it wasn't a run-on sentence....it was for EFFECT! I was really scared there for a few moments...I truly thought my car was going to blow up.
As far as I know, the cat only likes birds. But he's not right in the head, so who knows?