Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunday Supper #2

We're trying to include more heart-healthy fish in our diet. But man-o-man, fish is SOOOO expensive! I guess it IS cheaper than a quadruple bypass though. Here's one I like that uses a cheap but tasty fish...mackerel. I got this whole fish for under $4 and it was just right for us two. I also like it because it uses some of the Meyer lemons and oregano that grow in my backyard. The olive "salsa" really makes it sing. The recipe is here

Interesting wrapping for the fish!

The before pic

The after pic


mortgage loan said...
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Miss Healthypants said...

OK, can you come and cook for me now? *grin*

By the way, I love the title of your blog. Having grown up in a small town in Wisconsin (and now living in Chicago), I can totally relate to bubblers. My fellow Chicagoans just don't get that a water fountain is a decorative fountain, not something you'd drink out of! :)

MaryRuth said...

Thanks for stopping by, Miss Healthypants! Sure, I'll cook for you anytime, you just have to make it to SoCal.
The bubbler thing is pretty weird though. I've got a few people out here to use the term. I was in Portland, Oregon last year and believe it or not, they actually have bubblers on the sidewalks--really ornate bronze ones from the turn of the 20th century. But yeah, they call them drinking fountains.

Miss Healthypants said...

Hey, I just found out that in parts of Maryland, they also call them bubblers! Who knew????