Monday, September 22, 2008

End of Summer Beauties

Aren't these gorgeous? I don't think I can go back to eating plain old red tomatoes. These cost a king's ransom, but they taste so good. Each different variety really does have a unique flavor. I like the richness of the reddish ones, and the yellow ones have almost a lemon flavor.

This one was almost too beautiful to eat! But I did it anyway. I think it looks like the Tycho Impact Crater on the Moon. Sorry for the rotated image...I struggled for 30 minutes to get it rotated correctly and finally gave up. It looks OK in iPhoto, but Blogger messes it up.
Check out my brand-spankin' new Virrvar counter top!  I'll be posting all the before/after pics soon, I promise!

Guess what I made with these lovely tomatoes? That's right--Caprese Salad!


goldenrail said...

I think it looks like a bowling ball!
But that salad looks so delicious. You're blog is like torture sometimes. (but in a good way.)

LA Farm Girl said...

Yum, I sure do get hungry checking out your blog! Beautiful heirlooms, I am so sad that they are going to be gone soon.

MaryRuth said...

GR--oh man, that would be one awesome bowling ball!
Judi--I think some of the farmers have them all year. I'm going to attend your talk tomorrow at the library.

Miss Healthypants said...

OK, I'm a dummy--how do you make a caprese salad? It looks REALLY good. :) I love tomatoes and mozzarella.

MaryRuth said...

MHP--this is the easiest dish ever. Slice some tomatoes, FRESH mozzarella (the kind in water), a couple of basil leaves and that's it. Once you have them layered on the plate, drizzle with some olive oil and a few twists of black pepper. It's all about the tomatoes. "Insalata Caprese" is the official name.

Miss Healthypants said...

Awesome, thanks--I will totally have to make this salad now! :)

Buck said...

Our farmer's market had these very same tomatoes and I was just amazed at the variety. I should have done a salad like yours using them. (I'll show Miss Healthypants how to do a Caprese salad)

This was also the last week for corn. Awwww.

Love the pics!

MaryRuth said...

Buck...maybe the corn is gone, but the apples should be coming in now...I miss those.