Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yard Haunt Prep Update

One of the new props for this year is "The Wailing Tree". The first step was a chicken wire form over a PVC frame. Sunday we started papier-mache-ing the "skin". Once the skin is completed, we'll slap some paint on it. So far, we're very excited about how it is coming along.
That is a six-foot ladder next to it, so you can get the size. 
I haven't done papier-mache since kindergarten, so if anyone has any tips, I'd be happy to hear them.


Miss Healthypants said...

Cool! But why is it called the "wailing" tree? Am I to understand that there will be sound effects involved? *smiles*

MaryRuth said...

MHP--I called it the wailing tree because that's what the instructions called it. However, Dale (master of Fartwood Manor) told me now that it is a "spooky tree" that goes in the "spooky graveyard" in "The Legend of Real Spooky Place". It won't have its own sound, but the haunt is wired for sound...spooky sounds of course! wooooooo

Miss Healthypants said...

OK, cool beans! :)

LA Farm Girl said...

I can't wait to see Fartwood Manor all done up!

Thanks sooooo much for coming to my book talk last night. I felt like I was completely incoherent, hopefully not.

Ms. Farm Girl

MaryRuth said...

Judi--you were great! It is so interesting to see history come to life, you really put a lot of research into it and your love of the subject comes through. I enjoyed it-- I can't wait to read the book.
We'll be kicking Halloween prep into high gear this weekend, I'll keep you posted!