Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Polysics Or Die!

Yahoo! I am so excited to hear one of my favorite bands--POLYSICS--is coming to LosAngeles next month. They've got a new album coming out at the end of the month as well. I've heard one song from it so far and I love it.
How to explain the madness that is Polysics.......?!?!? One way to describe them is the Japanese equivalent of DEVO on crack. The live show is insane (and really 'effin LOUD).  They will be performing on Oct18 at the Roxy. (Dang, the last time I was there I saw OingoBoingo!)
Check out their MySpace to get a few songs and more info. Watch the video....!


goldenrail said...

My favorite band will be playing in your town soon, too. But I don't think Metallica is as usual as your Polysics. ;)

MaryRuth said...

GR--I would never have pegged you as a Metallica fan...rock on!
How's the music scene where you are? I recently picked up a new album named "Nigeria70--Lagos Jump". Really awesome stuff from the post-colonial time. I have always liked King Sunny Ade and Fela Kuti, but this stuff is great. I would love to see check out the music there in person. Tomorrow I'm going to see a band from Niger.