Monday, September 8, 2008


Today begins a new season and a new era for the Green Bay Packers. A blank page. What will be written over the coming season remains to be seen--my only hope is that more good things than bad things will be written by the time the season is over.
The team has undergone a tremendous sea change since last season--a few veterans remain, sprinkled amongst many new faces. A time of learning and adjustment for player and fan alike.
Go Pack Go!

This interesting story was in today's JSOnline. A puff piece, some good PR spin, or the real deal.....I don't know. But I liked it.


Miss Healthypants said...

No Pack No! *grin*

Sorry, I'm a Bears fan. And I don't so much like the Packers. :)

I hope you enjoy the game, though! :)

MaryRuth said...

I guess I'll let you slide on this one, since you do live in Chicago now..... =) I've always said if LA ever gets a team, I will support it.
The game was good, I'm relieved to see they didn't stink up the place.