Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Name That Bug!

Dale came across this critter the other day. Points on color and design, but geez, WTF is it?!?!? No wonder our night blooming jasmines are looking ragged--this guy looks hungry.


Miss Healthypants said...

I have no clue, but just thinking about it makes me itchy.

Ewwww....I hate bugs.

Sheila said...

I Googled "square green bug" and came up with this:


misanthropyrising said...

Think this might be it:


MaryRuth said...

MHP--one thing I sure don't miss about WI are mosquitoes!

Sheila--oh geez..there goes my soybean crop! No more tofu.

MR--wow! glad to see you are back in bloggy-land!
so, basically, I have some bug from the far east munching on my stuff.

D.B. Echo said...

Holy crap, is that a cool-looking bug!

MaryRuth said...

D.B.Echo--cool, yes....but is it deadly to my plants?!

D.B. Echo said...

According to my National Audubon Society Field, it's a Green Stink Bug:

Food: Juices of foliage, flowers, and fruit from a wide variety of plants.

This pest damages apple, cherry, orange, and peach trees, and eggplant, tomato, bean, pea, cotton, corn, and soybean crops.

So, in a word: Yes.

I have a post going up with pictures of its carnivorous cousin, the Spined Ssoldier Beetle.

D.B. Echo said...

Here it is: Another Monkey: The Interlopers