Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Caffeine Curve

Hello Boss, I'm working my butt off now that I am freaking-out-of-my-mind-hopped-up on caffeine!

The coffee reminded me of this piece of art I picked up a long time ago. I know, it's just a mug, but a real artist made it--Tom Scott Edwards. I've never used it as a mug, it is just on my knick-knack shelf. Just get outta my way at 5PM!


Denis Faye said...

Please publish photos of your entire knick-knack shelf. I'm guessing it's fairly interesting.

MaryRuth said...

Denis--thanks for the GREAT idea for a future post!
I DO have a few interesting "treasures" that's for sure. I'll just have to do some dusting first.