Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tijuana Dogs---Alive and Well in Torrance!

We went over to the Torrance Antique Street Faire this morning. I was hoping to get some little doo-dads that could be used for the last few plants I need to "containerize" in the rock garden. I did see a few good pieces, but I wasn't up for spending $15-25. I need CHEAP.
We had a good time checking out all the "treasures"....even though it was like A THOUSAND degrees at 10AM (yikes!). Dale picked up a cool 1950's booklet about Death Valley and I got some "blog fodder" (stay tuned!).
The BEST thing of the morning was that one of the food vendors was selling Tijuana Dogs! yahoo! Well, OF COURSE we had to have one. Oh man, they were good. Perfectly cooked, with nice crispy bacon wrapped around and some awesome grilled onions on top.
So I asked the nice lady what was up with the TJ Dog crackdown and she said it had to do with the all-in-one carts that the corner vendors use. Her cart was quite elaborate and even had a sink. The actual grilling was done on a side table on a propane camp grill. That's probably why the guy at the farmer's market is OK too.
Sorry about the half-eaten photo.....I was REALLY hungry and excited and sort of spaced on taking the photo until it was almost too late!

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