Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lucky Day with Memories

One of the "projects" that I run in background mode is the upgrade and beautification of my desk area. Things go pretty slowly sometimes, it seems that I never can get the money and the time together at the SAME time! But, things are on the final push and coming together. Once it is done, I will post it in all its glory.
I was just going through a box o' stuff I had under my desk. Trying to sort out trash from treasure. Most of the things in the box were old greeting cards that I have received over the years. I have a hard time throwing those things away, so I mostly just bundle them up and stick them in a box and forget about them.
Since I was on a roll, I was really strict with myself and didn't sit there and read through them like I wanted to. Except for one. And I have NO idea why I chose this one--the envelope was plain, none of Dad's "birthday artwork" on the outside, nothing that said.. "look in here".
It was a cute Valentine's card from Mom and Dad.......WITH FIFTY BUCKS IN IT! YESSSS!!!!
The envelope was postmarked in 2000...I must have been pretty flush then to not have that burning a hole in my pocket.

I got the "card-saving" gene from my mom. My sister and I were cleaning out Mom's room after she passed away in 2005. We discovered she never threw out any greeting cards. Of course there were the cards from us kids--you would expect a Mom to keep those, but there were even cards from their first Christmas after getting married. So, now we have 5 boxes of greeting cards to look at. Tonight, I'm going to look through my little stack of cards. Maybe there might be more $$, but even better than that, I'll be reading all the loving notes my Mom and Dad sent along with their cards.

UPDATE: Looking through the cards was a bittersweet trip down memory lane. Lots of warm wishes and love. A check for 100$.

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